Fast Software Audit

Version 1.0.0

Free Download

Use this free tool to quickly gather installed software details and Windows product keys from remote computers
Simply enter the names of any computers that you want to audit (or import a list of computers from CSV file or Active Directory) and this application will show the software installed on each machine as well as the Windows product key and product ID.

Quick and easy way to see what software is installed on remote computers
Accurate information - the list of software produced should be identical to what you would see in Add/Remove Programs on the remote machine
Specify multiple computers to audit by importing a list of names from a CSV file or by selecting an OU in Active Directory that contains the computers
View results on screen or export results to CSV file, which can then easily be edited in Microsoft Excel
Collect the Windows product key and product ID from each computer
Optionally only attempt to audit computers that respond to a ping test

Note: This application gathers its information from the registry of the remote computers, so the Remote Registry service must be running on any computers that you want to audit. The Remote Registry service is automatically started on Windows XP but is set to manual startup type by default on Windows 7, so you will need to either manually start the service (and change its startup type to Automatic) on the target computers or use Group Policy to change the startup type to Automatic for all computers.


Auditing a single computer
Importing computer list from Active Directory